Welcome to the Dania Wiki! Dania is a fictional continent in the Pacific Ocean.


List of Nations
Asdania Asdania Dona Flag 2016 Dona Lunasia Lunasia Rigan Flag Rigan Sonalalia Flag Sonalalia
Bursan Flag Bursan Estdan Flag Estdania New-Dania Flag New Dania Saamba Flag Saamba Tan Island Flag Tan Island
Crusbell Flag Crusbelle Heltanaga Flag Heltanaga North-Dania North Dania Sagofagia flag Sagofagia Tania Flag.3 Tania
Daniaa Dania Jaca Jaca Patia Patia Sierza Flag Sierza Uswanka Flag Uswanka


List of Wars/Conflicts
1600-1700 1700-1800 1800-1900 1900-2000 2000-2018
Spanish-Lotic War War of Tania Napoleonic Wars Revolt Crisis Third Patian Civil War
First Ermo War Seven Years War Likavra Uprising World War I Jacan Civil War
Kazo War Dan War Anglo-Dalanic War Vendettio War I II III
Second Ermo War Guenea War Sagofagi Uprising War
Pepper War Uswanka War World War II
Second Dalanic War Soviet-Sagofagi War
Itofranc War Enzean Civil War
First Patian Civil War
Crusbellean Civil War
Second Patian Civil War
Sonalali War

Important historical peopleEdit

List of important historical people
1600-1700 1700-1800 1800-1900 1900-2000 2000-2018
Spain (Till 1701) Raphael Dí Maria France Émilien Desjardins Spain Gón del Caudillo Nic-Dan Flag George G. Robertson Daniaa Juan Despalas
England Evered Wexcombe France Nicolas Bourseiller Dania (1830-1838) Ruben Gusta Danian Old Flag Samuel Varas
England Seamus Mcintyre Spain Agustín Ureña Dania (1830-1838) Martin Perez Danian Old Flag Antonio Tosora
Kingdom of France Flag Louis François Jauffret Spain Francisco Gálvez Union of Sagofagia flag Odorico Capozzoli
Danian Old Flag Mateo Maroto People's Republic of Sagofagia flag Damien Wathelet
Sagofagia flag Ferdinand I

Historical nations/coloniesEdit

List of Historical nations/colonies
Independent Spain France United Kingdom Portugal Others
Dania (1830-1838) First Republic of Dania Spain Spanish Dania France French West Dania Britsh emprie British Dania Portugal Flag Portuguese Rigan Netherlands Flag Dutch Dania
Nic-Dan Flag Nic-Dan Spain New Dania France French East Dania Britsh emprie British Uswanka Portugal (1830) Portuguese Dania Netherlands Flag Ens Islands
Patia Communist PR of Patia Spain Spanish Bursan France French Sagofagia St. George & Pyall Flags St. George & Pyall Portugal (1700-) Portuguese Bursan Prinsenflag Port Wilhelmus
Sagofagia flag Kingdom of Sagofagia Spain Spanish Heltanaga France French Sonalalia Britsh emprie Colony of Tan Portugal (1700-) Arvora German Emprie German Uswanka
Union of Sagofagia flag Union of Sagofagia Spain (Till 1701) New Andalusia France Crus Flag of Great Britain (1707-1800) Georgeland Portugal (1700-) Braga German Emprie German Quevelka
1st Sago Flag 1st Rep. of Sagofagia Spain (Till 1701) Isla de Dominar France Indo-Dania Britsh emprie Port Aubery USA 1900 Rogers
Second Republic of Sagofagia flag 2nd Rep. of Sagofagia France French Uswanka Denmark Fredericksborg
People's Republic of Sagofagia flag PR of Sagofagia France Leopold
St. George & Pyall Flags St. George & Pyall France Jacon
French Dania United French Dania France French Quevelka
France Sierza
France Croix
Kingdom of France Flag Gilson

Latest activityEdit

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